The Whisky

Corn Whisky

Our original product, and the base for everything we currently make. With an all-Colorado grown grain bill of 80% corn 12%  rye and 8% malted barley, open fermentation and on-grain distillation at 7522′ of elevation, and proofed with pure waters from Rocky Mountain National Park, this white whisky is a smooth and full flavored spirit that drinks well on its own. Well enough to earn a silver medal at the 2016 Denver International Spirits competition.

True to its original purpose, however, we believe this is the finest white spirit available for home experimentation with oak maturation, spice and herbal macerations, and even tincture making. We encourage you to use this as a base to explore from, and please share what you discover!

Colorado Whisky

This is our take on a quintessential Colorado Whisky. Starting with our white whisky base, we utilize an experimental oaking and maturation process that we’ve been developing over the past few years and continue to improve upon.

By using oak cubes and staves, we’re able to work with blends of new and used oak that would be impossible with a barrel. And, through the use of gentle heat and oxygen infusion we’re able to smooth down the fire and roughness that are characteristic of most young whiskies. The result is truly Colorado- it does whisky its own way, but it does it well.

Elkins Colorado Whisky also earned a silver medal at the 2016 Denver International Spirits competition.

Elkins Apple

Elkins Apple is the first in a series of spiced and macerated whiskies to graduate from our experiments at the bar. Made with a blend of our white whisky, fresh pressed organic apple cider from our friends down in Palisades, and infused with sugar and spice, this is liquid comfort.

Don’t let the smooth sweetness fool you, though. At 30% ABV, Elkins Apple still has whisky at its core.

Winter Whisky


Honey Whisky

Fire Whisky